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I am currently using a La Crosse WS-2308 for a weather station. This is a link to the La Crosse WS-2308 Product Specifications. I am also a member of Citizens Weather Observation Program (CWOP) which collects data from over 8,000 personal weather stations worldwide. You can read more about it by clicking on the link I provided above. I am currently using Weather Underground Heavyweather Uploader (WUHU) software to upload my data every few seconds to the link I have provided to the left below. You may ask how do I know the information uploaded to CWOP is accurrate. Follow these links (1)Quality Spread Distribution Page for DW1400 and (2)CWOP Information Page for DW1400 to give you an idea of the accuracy of the data. Basically each station is compared with several locations surrounding it and then the information is run through a mathmatical equation. It indicates whether or not you may have a problem. Right now my daytime temp during the middle of the day is slightly high due to the sun directly hitting my meter. I have plans in the next few months to install a solar radiation shield to correct this issue. Otherwise the data is very close to the predicted values for my station.

These are all links to webpages that my weatherstation directly uploads data to Webpage for DW1400
CWOP webpage for DW1400
MESOWEST Webpage for DW1400
Quality Distribution Webpage for DW1400 Webpage for DW1400
PWS Webpage for KNYFRIEN2 Webpage for KNYFRIEN2 webpage for KNYFRIEN2

Latest Friendship, New York, weather conditions and forecast

Click for Friendship, New York Forecast

Friendship, New York, weather forecast

I've been using some free software to upload to the chart below, but is not real consistent due to an upload issue with my internet provider. Haven't figured it out yet.

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